Kooga Brochure

Kooga Brochure

There is a global ball sport, regularly mired in scandals, whether through player conduct, on or off the field, the latest outburst of its senior managers, the new racist chant to echo around the stadia or the machinations of the trade federations. This sport may have still retained its audience, but it has lost touch with its values. No more does it deserve the title “the beautiful game”.

There is another global sport with a different ball, and a very different set of values. The game is tough, played with no holds barred. But the referees command respect, not disdain. The players share mutual esteem and command the affection of their fans and outsiders. Yes, rugby is indeed a different ball game.

This divergence of values presents a huge opportunity for a brand with an authentic involvement in rugby. Where the ethos of the sport meets the ethos of the business sits a platform with immense message potential for its audience. Where both the sport and the business believe in “all for one, one for all”, the potency of the brand message will find ready acceptance.

It can be said of the game of rugby that “We play hard. We play fair.” The Kooga brand will be doing just that.

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